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Western Legends

Buffalo Bill Cody was the most famous man in the world in the years around 1900 and he founded our town of Cody in 1895.

Buffalo Bill Cody - Tours of Cody, Wyoming

Sharpshooter Annie Oakley was likely the most famous woman in the world during this same time due to her worldwide performances with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West.

Wild Bill Hickok is commonly mixed up with Buffalo Bill but was famous in his own right. Buffalo Bill & Wild Bill were actually friends.

Still Cool Today

Buffalo Bill is such a big deal to our town because he not only founded the town, but he established the five things needed to assure Cody’s growth and survival:

Water: Buffalo Bill donated his water rights and lobbied the federal government to build the Buffalo Bill Dam that created the reservoir that supplies our drinking and irrigation water today.

Communication. Buffalo Bill founded the Cody Enterprise in 1899 and the newspaper still operates as Cody’s oldest continuously running business.

Transportation. Buffalo Bill made a deal with the railroad to build three hotels between here and Yellowstone if the railroad would build a spur to Cody. Both parties upheld the deal and the railroad arrived in Cody in 1901.

Lodging. Buffalo Bill built the Irma Hotel which opened November 1, 1902. This was the first of three hotels Buffalo built to fulfill his railroad deal. The second was between Cody and Yellowstone (one day’s horse ride) and has been demolished. The third was Pahaska Tepee (two day’s horse ride) one mile before the east gate to Yellowstone. This was also used as Buffalo Bill’s hunting lodge and still operates today.

Tourism. Buffalo Bill created a fifth major need that assures Cody’s survival today. He scouted, blazed and financed the third entrance to Yellowstone National Park — our very own East Gate. Buffalo Bill had to lobby the federal government to authorize the new entrance. Did you notice that to get to or from the east gate you have to travel right through downtown Cody? Buffalo Bill’s vision is still feeding Cody 100 years later.

We Bring Buffalo Bill To Life

Our “Best of Cody” trolley tour shares the Buffalo Bill story while we take you past the amenities he created that still stand today. You’ll also learn about Annie Oakley, “Little Sure Shot,” the amazing sharpshooter who traveled with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West for 17 seasons.

Rider Testimonials

Thousands of people ride the trolley each year, here's what a few of them have to say.

Do First!

Great way to get an overview of the area before you start exploring. Informative and interesting. The trolley was clean and comfortable. Get your tickets on the porch of the Irma Hotel. Terri R

A Cody Wyoming Vacation

We took the Trolley tour starting at the famous Irma Hotel and loved every bit of the trip.  Loved it and would do it again.   Janice C 


Okay, this was so cool. I love history, and this tops the cake! you learn so much so fast about Cody and its founding father! The trolley was fun! I think we were the youngest on the tour, but I would do it again in a heart beat!  Heather B 

Great Trip!

This is a good way for visitors to see Cody and to hear about it’s history. You see mule deer laying in yards. The tour guide suggest places to see. It was fun! Beverly W

Most fun history lesson — ever!!

From the trolley, to the clothes worn by driver & guide, to our welcome aboard, to pass around items for viewing, it was a super ride.  To add to the thrill of the ride, we stopped several minutes to watch a small fawn skip across a lawn and dine on the flowers.  Ruth O 

What a great tour, TAKE IT!

We recently took the tour on the Cody Trolley and found it to be a great value and very fun! See it first and then decide what you want to do the rest of the time you are in Cody. An AWESOME experience!  5366familyvaca 

Great way to learn about Cody’s history

The trolley guides were funny and made the whole tour worth it. First visit to Cody I would gladly recommend a tour like this! Jenny N 

This is the best!

This is the best city tour we’ve ever taken, and we’ve been on a lot of them! Sherry & Ron W

Fun little trolley

A must do if you’re in Cody! Friendly, funny and outgoing staff make this trolley fun. There’s lots of info and some really neat sights. Well worth the money!  canadianwannab 

Best thing I did in Cody

An hour tour around Cody. The tour guides were fun and very knowledgeable, the tour was packed with interesting facts and sights and I thought it was quite slick. Well done.  Lucy H –